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    Welcome to the Role Play School


    Welcome to the Role Play School

    Post by Blue_Moon on Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:15 pm

    Welcome to the Role Play School! Here you will be put into groups of three-five members and assigned a trainer. The trainer will give you a role playing prompt and you and the other members will role play, with the trainer occasionally stepping in if needed and/or providing example posts. The trainer will also give each of you feedback and tips to make your writing better! To get started, first read the Role Play Training Center Rules and then sign up on the sign-up thread. You will be notified by PM once you are placed in to a group and you will be given a link to the role play thread. Once you complete the class you are eligible to become a trainer yourself, and can apply here.

    Here is the rubric for what you will be learning:
    -Role Play Terminology
    -Basic Partnership Expectations
    -How to role play with a partner and a group
    -How to role play with canon characters and a basic plot outline already given
    -How to create a plot with a partner/partners

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