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    Role Play School Rules


    Role Play School Rules

    Post by Blue_Moon on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:05 pm

    1. All other site rules apply
    2. Please have created a character and have it accepted by an administrator
    3. Be nice and considerate of the other role players and group members
    4. Only post when it is your turn, or the person ahead of you hasn't responded for five days
    5. Only give feedback to another group member if that person wishes you to. If you have feedback, or see a major problem with a group members post, PM the trainer privately. Chances are, they have the same feedback and if they don't, they can consider posting it as part of their feedback.
    6. If you get feedback, please be accepting of it and don't take it too hardly. You are here to learn and so are the other members!
    7. You must post within five days (or tell the other group members that you won't be able to) of the last person posting if it is your turn.
    8. If a person doesn't follow any of these rules or there is a major posting problem, then a player may be removed from the group and asked to re-signup, work privately with a tutor, or not participate in the Role Play Training Center

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