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    Site Rules


    Site Rules

    Post by Blue_Moon on Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:55 pm

    General, #1 Rule
    1. Be kind, polite, respectful, and accepting of everyone

    Role Playing Rules
    2. No powerplaying or godmoding (click to see what this is)
    3. If you are part of an active thread and it it your turn to post, you must update within a month of the last person posting. You must wait for the person, unless they haven't updated within a month or said they are dropping a role play.
    4. You must follow our plots and information (please read all of our guides before getting started)
    5. You may only have mates if you are a warrior, leader, deputy, or senior warrior, you are mating with another warrior, leader, deputy, or senior warrior, and you have permission from the user who's cat you are mating (both outside and inside the role play, no forced mating). If you are playing a human, you must also have permission and your character must be 20 years or older. If you are a Medicine Cat, you must have permission from an administrator or moderator. Your mate must be in the same clan, unless you have permission from an administrator or moderator
    6. Please keep everything appropriate (PG-13), especially when mating/reproducing
    7. No suicides or murders unless you have permission from an administrator or moderator, and the user who's cat you are murdering
    8. Please post whether a thread is open or closed when creating it. Don't join a closed thread
    9. Only create threads in your clans forum, and not in other clans
    10. All threads that you create must comply with the plot and no significant event that isn't part of the plot can happen in it (battles, deadly diseases, etc.). For example, kits aren't allowed to sneak out of camp, unless nothing significant happens on their outing, and there is a valid reason why a warrior didn't see them, and why they made it back to camp safely. The kit must also receive reasonable consequences.
    11. Kittypets, rouges/loners, tribe cats, and cats from other clans are not allowed to join a camp unless it is part of the plot
    12. A cat or person isn't allowed to do something unrealistic (defeating a stronger cat/animal in battle or any unrealistic battle feat, knowing herbs and where to find them if they aren't a Medicine Cat, etc.). Your character can't be a perfect Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu character
    13. Chat threads, or OOC (Out-Of-Character) threads may only be created in the "Chat" forum
    14. Role playing threads for other fandoms (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, etc.) may only be created in the "Other" forum
    15. You may not create threads in the "Getting Started" or "News and Events" forums unless you are an administrator or moderator
    Threads that don't follow these rules will be locked and/or deleted

    Character Rules
    16. You can have up to five cats at a time, but only one of high rank, and you may not have any other cats in the clan that your high-ranked cat is in
    17. You must make a warrior unless you have special permission from a staff member; you have permission from users who will be playing the mother or father of a kit to create a kit (and other kits are being created); or you have applied for and been accepted as a leader, medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, or deputy
    18.You can't create a cat with a physical or mental disability unless you have permission from a staff member
    19.  Your cat name must be realistic as a whole (from the Warriors universe), realistic for the clan (for example, a ThunderClan cat probably wouldn't be named Troutstream, and a ShadowClan cat wouldn't be named Heatherheart) and realistic for the cat (cats can't be named for their eye color, and a cat with a gray pelt probably wouldn't be named Beaverpelt). Cat names also can't be from the books or already taken by a site user. If you are unsure whether your name is acceptable, please PM an administrator or moderator.
    20. Your cat must have realistic pelt colors. They can have realistic markings, as long as they don't "mean" anything.

    If you have any questions about a rule, please PM an administrator or moderator

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