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    Guide to Getting Started


    Guide to Getting Started

    Post by Blue_Moon on Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:02 pm

    1. Read over the rules
    2. Go here to fill out your character sheet
    3. Now, fill out your character sheet! Here are some guidelines:
    Name: Self-explanatory. Make sure that it is part of the Warriors universe and follows all naming rules
    Age (In Moons): Please note that Warriors are 1—7 years old and elders are older than that. No cat may be older than 10 years (unless it is a leader)
    Clan: Self-explanatory
    Gender: Self-explanatory
    Rank: Warrior or elder, unless you have permission
    Personality: A three or more sentence description of your cat and their personality. Please include an equal amount of positive and negative personality traits and remember not to power play
    Appearance: A description of your cat's appearance (fur color, fur pattern, eye color, etc.) that is at least three sentences
    History: A description of your cats life up until the time you will role play him or her. Kits need one paragraph describing the beginning of their kit-hood, apprentices need one paragraph for kit-hood and another for their apprenticeship, and Warriors need one paragraph each for kit-hood, apprenticeship, and then each year they have been a Warrior (i yr or less—1 paragraph, 2 yrs—2 paragraphs, etc.) All paragraphs must be three or more sentences long.
    You MUST copy and paste your responses to a saved document on your computer, or have them saved somehow because you WILL NOT be able to go back and edit your character sheet. You will have to create a new one.

    4. Post in the Character Sheet thread that you have completed your character sheet and the name of the cat you created. An administrator will take a look at it and they will post if it is accepted or not. If it is not accepted, the administrator will also post the things you need to change. Simply create a new character sheet and change them and post that you have. An administrator will then take another look.
    5. Once you have been accepted, you are ready to start role playing! You can jump right into an open thread. However, we recommend visiting the Role Play Training Center to strengthen your skills, the Newbie and Oldie Chat Thread to meet new players and get your questions answered by older ones, or posting a thread in the Partner Finding Area to find a partner!

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